Consent to Travel

When a child is travelling without both parents a Consent to Travel form is often requested by the airlines and customs and immigration officials.

To our knowledge there is no official form, but attached is the form that we prepare for our clients to use.

Feel free to make use of this form by printing it out or making your own copy. We would appreciate any feed back you may have on its use.

The first part is to be completed in front of a witness by the parent who is not travelling with the child.

The second part is to be completed by that witness in front of a Commissioner for Oaths.

Commissioners for Oaths can be found in all law offices, and sometimes in registry and real estate offices or other places where a Commissioner for Oaths' services may be required routinely. It's best to phone an office first to find out if a Commissioner for Oaths is available.

Click here to download our Consent to Travel Form. The form requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to open.