There can be many issues to resolve when a relationship breaks down and people decide to separate: how to parent while living apart; how to divide property; and how finances will be handled. The law is continually evolving.

A dispute over a will or an estate can be just as difficult for a family as a marriage breakdown. In both situations, key relationships are in crisis.

We use the same skills and experience that we bring to the legal problems arising from a relationship breakdown to deal with these disputes -- whether it be to resolve problems by negotiation, mediation, or court action. We believe in presenting to you clear information and options, so that the best course of action can be taken on your behalf.

At Miller Boileau Family Law Group we only practice Family Law. We do that for a reason - to provide excellence in legal representation. We feel that our clients deserve competent, focused, and compassionate representation. And we find that we can provide that by focusing strictly on Family Law.