We understand that our clients need our services during times of high stress. Usually, major life-altering decisions have to be made or reacted to. Emotions run high and that makes the decision-making process all the more critical and difficult.

It has been our experience that one of the strongest feelings people have when marriages break down, or family problems arise, is that of loss of control. Loss of control over one's future, one's obligations, and one's way of life. Add to that involvement in the legal process, and it can be overwhelming . . . and scary.

Our goal is to provide you with clear information about the process, your situation, and the options available to you, so that, with our support, you can make the decisions you need to.

Our first strategy is always to determine if we an keep you out of court. The court process is expensive, lengthy, and often, the results uncertain. It has been our experience that if people can come to their own solutions, through negotiation themselves, negotiation through legal counsel, Collaborative Family Law or Mediation, they are happier with the results.

Unfortunately, not everything can be settled, and matters must be taken to court. When that happens, clients need effective, clear, and strong representation in court. Our lawyers can represent you in all the courts of Alberta, whether it be Provincial Court - Family Division, the Court of Queen's Bench of Alberta, or the Court of Appeal of Alberta.