Marla Miller, Q.C. on Mediation and Collaborative Family Law

I've been a Family Law Mediator for over 25 years, helping people solve their disputes and arrive at their own solutions. I have given up litigation as an option, focusing on Mediation and Collaborative Family Law to help my clients find the arrangements that work for them. It is you and the other side who should decide what is fair for you and your family, not the court.

Pierre Boileau, Q.C. on Dispute Resolution choices:

In my opinion, court should be the last alternative. Over the last 20 years I have gained experience as a Mediator, Collaborative Family Lawyer and litigator. Consistently, client satisfaction is maximized when clients have control over their own future. This can best be achieved through interest based negotiation.

Curtis Ready on Family Law Disputes:

As an experienced litigation lawyer, I know that it is always best to negotiate a fair and timely settlement, but if a court application is necessary, I will guide you through each stage of any contested family law matter you may have.

Ken Proudman on Advanced Negotiation and Court:

Most business owners and families appreciate being able to keep their private details out of court and to that end I resolve matters primarily through advanced negotiation techniques. However, when appropriate, I'm ready to represent my client's interests in all levels of Court including the Court of Appeal.

Our Group on the practice of Family Law:

The work that goes on at Miller Boileau Family Law Group is a team effort, often necessitating the coordination and front line effort of our top-notch assistants, some of whom have worked with us for over 25 years. As lawyers we respect our assistants and their professional capabilities. They not only support our work, but can be an invaluable part of the communication between you and your lawyer.